Aquatic Technologies offer a line of our industry’s best automated pool systems to suit any type of backyard in Greater Danbury. When you add automation to your pool lifestyle, it takes the work out of pool and spa ownership by automating all work-intensive functions including sanitization, balancing pH levels, cleaning, and filtration. Not only does it allow you to work your pool away from your home, but it saves you money in the process! You can save energy costs in the first month for your pool and spa functions just by switching to automation.

We know having a pool in Greater Danbury can be time consuming and costly, but when you switch to an automated pool system your energy bill is guaranteed to decrease right away. Automation is now more affordable than ever. Spend less time looking after your pool, and more time enjoying it. Wi-fi and portable electronics have made it possible to control your Greater Danbury pool from just about anywhere for less money than you might think.

Automated Pool System Installation in Greater Danbury

Installing an automated pool system is fast and easy. Trust our Greater Danbury pool professionals to install your automated pool system to activate any aspect of your pool by a touch of a button, so you don’t have to take any time out of your day worrying about your pool. Aquatic Technologies provide affordable prices and work with you to make sure your dream pool is set up for you to enjoy. Leave all the hard work up to us to install and get it set up, and we will show you just how easy it is to work.

Possible Features of your Automated Pool System:

  • Easy to program and control
  • Combine additional hardware like a robot pool cleaner, heater or lights with plug & play convenience
  • Set schedules and maximize energy efficiency
  • Automate chemistry with the latest in chemical feeders and controls
  • Apps allow for simple operation, upgrades and customization
  • Control everything through a base unit: wireless and wired remotes using wi-fi

Energy Efficiency

A major reason in installing an automated pool system is the fact that within the first month, you will already save over 50% of your energy. When it comes to professional quality pool installations in Greater Danbury, it is our job to save you time and money so you can enjoy your swimming pool. We install automated pool systems because it will save energy and allow you to get the most out of your pool without going over budget. If you are interested in being more energy efficient, then contact us and we will get you started with your installation of your Greater Danbury automated pool system.

Control Panel Power Center

All the equipment you use to operate your Greater Danbury pool can be be powered, programmed and operated through a control panel which can be automated to fit your needs. You can automate every aspect of your pool if you desire, which will allow you to access it on the go with internet connection.

Automations Controlled Through a Power Center:

  • Pump and filter
  • Cleaner
  • Heater
  • Salt water system
  • Lights
  • Chemical dispenser
  • Water feature
  • Sound system
  • Valve system
  • Fire pit

In the past, you were required to control everything from a main source, but now we have made it so much easier for you by allowing you to control your pool on the go using an electronic device with wi-fi. If you are in need of a swim after work and want to turn up the temperature, do so on your way home and let it be the perfect temperature for when you get back to your Greater Danbury home.

Variable Speed Pumps for Greater Danbury

Another one of our major advances in our industry that can be controlled by our automated pool system is our installations of our variable speed pumps. These speed pumps can also save you stacks of money in energy costs. Our professional technicians install variable speed pumps for all kinds of pools in Greater Danbury. Variable speed pumps run on permanent magnet motors. Pump speeds can be adjusted to different HPs and flow rates. This allows you to have the power when you want, and saves you energy.

Installing variable speed pumps will leave you with lower energy costs for your pool maintenance. These pumps are quiet, so you will still be able to enjoy your time by your Greater Danbury pool with no interruptions. When you make the switch to variable speed pumps, you are instantly saving yourself time and money. You can control your variable speed pump from your power center that can be automated from your wireless device. It is quick and easy to install, just leave that part up to us to handle. Contact us for any additional information regarding variable speed pumps.

Why Trust Aquatic Technologies for your Greater Danbury Automated Pool System

For over a decade, Aquatic technologies has been your trusted go-to pool company for any type of installation, repair, or maintenance. We have created a business stacked full of certified, hired professionals that provide unparalleled service for your Greater Danbury pool. We make sure to pay close attention to every detail of your pool, which makes installing and repairing your automated pool system that much easier.

Aquatic Technologies is our industry leader in pool renovations and installations. We are designed to work with a new, increased user-friendliness and performance for your Greater Danbury swimming pool. It works smoothly with salt water systems to monitor and automatically balance water chemistry. Turn your pool into a “smart pool” that will require a lot less time to monitor. This is designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated. You will save a huge amount of time and money that might have been spent on unnecessary maintenance or repairs. Call us today to talk to one our trusted technicians in order to get an automated pool system today for your Greater Danbury home!