Aquatic Technologies has been in the pool construction and renovation business for the last ten years, and they have become experts in their fields for sure. Customers who have worked with Aquatic Technologies in Danbury, Connecticut have great expectations of the business. Some of these factors include punctuality, completing contracted assignments on time, and treating customers with utmost fairness and respect. There is little wonder as to why Aquatic Technologies is the premier pool contractor in the Danbury area. To speak with one of our specialists, give us a call today!

Pool Services offered in Danbury, CT

  • Pool Construction (Gunite & Vinyl Liner)
  • Pool Surface Re-plastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Opening & Closing Pool Services
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Emailed Pool Reports
  • Masonry Services
  • Commercial Pool Care

Pool Construction in Danbury, CT

Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite swimming pools constructed by our company is completed from scratch. There are many designs that can be picked from, and all of them are customizable to any customer's needs and wishes. In short, we can build the pools of people's dreams. The beginnings to installing a Gunite pool starts with excavation. The area designated for the pool is excavated and then smoothed over before a steel-wire mesh is laid down along the ground's surface. The next steps introduce a layer of concrete mix being sprayed into the area. The steel wiring provides extra reinforcement to the structure, which will protect the pool structure from pressure that might build up under it when ice forms in the winter months.

Afterward, the concrete application is allowed to dry before being sanded over for smoothness. Then, it will be tested for durability. The concrete surface is then finished with a combination of tile, stone, and plaster in order to add waterproofing elements. Color options exist for these different finishes, which will give the pool a unique design.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

One of the more popular selections made by our customers is Vinyl liner swimming pools. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they also host a larger variety of finishes for the liners themselves. Options include tile and stone print of all kinds. We focus on helping Danbury homeowners who are looking to add this pool to their yards find the right options for their designated pool areas, filling the area as appropriately as possible.

It is important to note that Vinyl liners do not have the same vulnerability to ice as Gunite pools do, but that does not lower the caliber of maintenance they require in order to stay in the best condition over years of use.

Pool Renovation in Danbury, CT

Pool Surface Re-plastering

When it comes to addressing repairs and problem areas of a pool where elements are peeling, deteriorating, or leaking, considering a re-plastering process is the only way to revive the pool. We recommend that pools are re-plastered every 10 years or so, but this number is not definite. Some pools will need to be re-plastered sooner than others based on how well they are maintained and how often they are used. We have certified maintenance experts who will work on these tasks with ease. Their process includes pumping, cleaning, and chiseling problem areas before they are sanded smooth once more. An acid spray is the last step in the process to make sure the surface has been prepared for new plaster to be laid in place. This step will ensure that the new plaster will mold into the existing plaster with ease. New paint is added to the plaster once it has been completed for the sake of obscuring the work that has been done. Once this process is totally finished, any customer's pool in Danbury will appear to be new.

Please note: this same process can be used to fix concrete patios and pool decks that have been likewise damaged.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Customers who own Vinyl liner pools need to be aware that these liners need to be replaced approximately every 15 years. At Aquatic Technologies, we focus on making sure that a new liner meets any homeowner's needs. Things such as size, color, and measurements will be handled by one of our experts. The transition from the older liner to the new one is rather smooth, and it allows pool owners the chance to return to using their pools faster. Our manufacturing partners are the best in their fields, which ensures that only the highest-quality liners are used. In order to make a pool last for years to come, we make sure to go every step of the way in this process with you. Both the color choices and overall design are left up to the pool's owner, and we will provide our expert knowledge with installing the new liner in a timely fashion.

Pool Masonry in Danbury, CT

We have a professional team that consists of masons and contractors alike who focus on building structures that surrounds pools. These structures include patios, waterfalls, grottos, fireplaces, and so much more. There are many stone types to pick from with these structures, including concrete, brick, and stone. These installations are beautiful and also customized to any homeowner's needs.

Pool Maintenance in Danbury, CT

Pool Openings

When it comes to the arrival springtime and warmer weather, many homeowners become rather excited about the prospects of their pools being made open for the upcoming summer. We make sure that everything goes right when setting up a pool for the warmer season. Our professional team in Danbury will come to a home in a timely manner and clean the pool and surrounding area, which includes removing the pool cover in a safe manner, cleaning the pool itself, testing all equipment, and making sure that everything is running smoothly before we depart.

Our Pool Openings Include:

  • Winter cover removal
  • Start of circulation system
  • Heater test
  • Added chemicals
  • Debris cleanup

Pool Closings

When the summer season comes to an unfortunate end, we are also available to properly close a pool for the coming winter. For pools in the Danbury area that need to be cleansed and closed, we are able to take care of the task with ease. Our process includes draining water from the pool, cleaning the surrounding area, and placing on the pool cover the correct and safe way.

Our Pool Closings Include:

  • Pumping out water of pool
  • Vacuuming of pool
  • Installing existing pool cover
  • Cleanup of pool pump & filter system

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Danbury

Another service we offer are weekly visits to come and clean pools for homeowners throughout Danbury. Let all of the upkeep be placed on our shoulders for the summer. This service includes the pool being vacuumed, the siding being brushed and scrubbed, and the filters and pumps being cleaned. Also, we will test the water's chemical levels before leaving an informational smart e-mail about the visit.

Smart E-mails

In the case where a customer decides to have regular maintenance performed on their pools, we offer an informational, smart e-mail with each visit. This feature is not one that other pool service providers in the Danbury area offer. This e-mail contains vital information about the pool's chemical levels, dates of service required, and much more. These e-mails allow homeowners the chance to create a service history log, as paper receipts will not be mailed since the information is included in the smart e-mail.

Commercial Pool Services in Danbury, CT

Our company also extends its construction, renovation, and maintenance services to commercial pools. The experts we employ are all familiar with the codes that must be met for commercial operation. Our team will arrive on the scene ready to take on any task to ensure that the pool's water is completely safe for use.

Danbury, CT's Trusted Pool and Spa Company

For homeowners looking to install or renovate a pool, or for those who are seeking regular pool maintenance, the team at Aquatic Technologies are ready to help. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to the task of efficiently creating customized pools in the Danbury area. Please contact us today for any questions about our services or our company.