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CT New Gunite Pool Construction

Aquatic Technologies, Inc. builds beautiful, custom gunite pools. Our pool specialists will inspect your landscape, draw and layout a plan, and keep you updated throughout the entire construction process. We understand choosing to install an in-ground pool is a big investment, and we want to make sure you get the attention you deserve. Give us a call today for a free estimate and design consultation.

Why Choose a Gunite Pool

Many homeowner choose gunite pools because of their customizability, durability and longevity. Unlike traditional concrete or vinyl liner in-ground pools, gunite pools are composed of a sand & concrete mixture that is sprayed into the specific pool design. Every part of the pool is then carefully crafted with a specially-designed nozzle. Gunite pools are also laid out with metal framing as opposed to wood, increasing its structural integrity. We proudly serve pool owners in Greater Danbury.

Gunite Options

CT New Gunite Pool Construction

With gunite pools, you have many options from the shape, size, finish and features that can be added on. Pool specialists from Aquatic Technologies will work with you to a design a pool that works for your landscape.

Custom Pool Shapes

Some of the most common shapes include kidney shapes, oval, L-shaped, square and round shapes. But the great thing about gunite pools is that, you don’t have to pick any of those. Aquatic Technologies, Inc. will work with you to customize a design shape that even compliments your landscape.

Different Sizes

Size is another factor when designing your gunite pool in Danbury. Two things you want to consider are the depth and length of the pool. The depth usually starts at about 3 feet and goes up to 6 feet. But you can also do a walk in pool, starting as shallow as your ankle. When choosing a more traditional size pool, lengths are done in ratios of 2-1. But Aquatic Technologies, Inc. pool specialist can work with you to get the exact dimensions you want.

Select Finishes

There are dozens of finish options. The first thing you may want to consider is the type of finish being paint, plaster, aggregate or tile. Each finish will have a different texture along with color options. So starting there is the first step to finding the best finish for you!


Added pool features are a fun way to enhance the cosmetic appeal of your pool. From walk in entrances to natural falls, Aquatic Technologies is equipped to handle feature installations. We can build you a completely custom pool for your Danbury home.

Some features to consider:

  • Industrial waterfalls
  • Naturalistic waterfalls
  • Pool to beach entrance
  • Waterslides
  • Smoothing spillways
  • LED lighting
  • Spillway Spas
  • Natural Spa

Gunite Pool Building Process

  1. Layout
  2. Excavating
  3. Forming
  4. Subbase
  5. Plumbing
  6. Steel
  7. Gunite
  8. Tile & Coping
  9. Filtration
  10. Deck, Fencing & Utilities
  11. Finish
  12. Smart Emails

The building process of gunite pools starts like any other in-ground pool. The layout process consists of setting radius points and laying it out with string and paint. Excavation then begins, digging out the poles depth. Forming the pool is done after excavation, and is also where the gunite process begins as a metal frame is used in place of a wooden frame. The subbase is applied through stone, and plumbing also begins to be inserted at this point.

Plumbing installs consists of main drains, skimmers, pool jets, waterfall pieces and any other elements needed for your particular pool design. Next, a steel frame is inserted to reinforce the structural integrity of your pool. Concrete is poured on the base and the unique process of gunite is finally applied. After the design elements such as tile & coping begin to be crafted. The last steps include installing a filtration system along with decks, fencing and other utilities.

Why Aquatic Technologies for New Gunite Pools?

CT New Gunite Pool Construction

Aquatic Technologies, Inc. is an accredited A+ rated business, members of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Aquatic Technologies has the experience and expertise to install all your pool needs from gunite & vinyl pools to waterfalls and beautiful spas.

 Our certified, reliable professional are here to make your pool installation easy and fun! We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Greater Danbury including: Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Redding & Ridgefield, CT.

You can contact us through our website or call us at 203-770-6791.