In-Ground Pool Leak Detection & Repairs Greater Danbury, CT

Leak Detection and Repairs in Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel & Beyond

Naturally, your pool will lose some water on a daily basis. From splash-out to evaporation to natural forces, there are plenty of normal reasons why your pool may be low on water. But, when water loss becomes irregular and more consistent, you may be experiencing an issue with your pool’s construction or plumbing system.

Aquatic Technologies, Inc. specializes in pool leak detection and pool repairs for in-ground pools in Greater Danbury and throughout Connecticut. We are an A+ accredited business and have over 25 years of experience installing new in-ground pools, renovating in-ground pools, repairing vinyl leaks, and managing and repairing leaks. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, give us a call today at:

The Cause of Leaking in Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

When your in-ground pool is losing water faster than you can refill it, you’re most likely experiencing a major leak. Some of the most common reasons for leaks in in-ground swimming pools include:

  • Issues with your swimming pool pump or motor
  • Wear and tear on the pool surface
  • Loose fittings on railings, tiles, and other accessories that lead to leaks
  • Broken plumbing beneth the pool deck
  • A higher water bill than previous months or years

There are also a variety of different reasons your swimming pool may have a leak. The best way to find out is to hire or request a quote from a professional leak detection specialist. Our swimming pool experts serving Greater Danbury can help you determine if your swimming pool or system needs repairs or replacements.

Preparing Your In-Ground Pool for a Leak Test

For an accurate leak detection test, it’s best to have your in-ground pool vacuumed and cleaned beforehand. Small leaks or even large leaks may be inconspicious when dirt or debris covers the area. You should also make sure that your pool has clear water. Green or murky water can be the result of mildew, algae or fungi. This state of pool water can be both dangerous for your health and make it harder for our leak detection experts to find and repair any leaks.

The last step before conducting a leak test includes making sure that your pool water is filled to the normal level. This will help us determine if there are any changes in the water level. Once the pool is cleaned and ready for inspection, our swimming pool professionals will conduct a thorough inspection and figure out the problems causing water loss.

Pool Repair Services in Greater Danbury

When we find the issue causing your water loss, our in-ground swimming pool experts will determine a plan of action for fixing the issue. We can help with pool repairs for:

  • Gunite / Concrete Pool Repairs
  • Vinyl Liner Repair / Replacements
  • Crack Repair

Why Aquatic Technologies for Your Leak Detection & Repairs

If you believe your in-ground pool may have a leak, don’t hesitate to reach out to Aquatic Technologies. We offer full swimming pool leak detection and repairs for a variety of different in-ground pool types. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive report on all of the changes made. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at: