Whether you need repair on your pool heater, or you are in need of an entire new heating system, then trust our Aquatic Technologies professionals to get the job done at an affordable price for your Greater Danbury pool. Leave all the hard work to us, so you can live stress-free in the summer and enjoy your pool. Our licensed and trained technicians are Greater Danbury’s heating system experts, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the job will be done quickly and efficiently without any problem. We use quality parts and brands that are factory certified so you can enjoy your backyard paradise as long as possible.

We ensure you that you will not go over budget, and will protect your investment with regular Greater Danbury pool maintenance. Contact us, and we can schedule regular maintenance in order to ensure that your heater will have a long life and work efficiently. We come to your Greater Danbury home and clean and inspect your heater so you can live worry free in the summer. It is our duty to give you affordable options when repairing or installing your pool heater.

Pool Heater Installation in Greater Danbury

We install many different types of pool heaters such as gas, electric, heat pump, etc. We will help you determine the right size heater for your Greater Danbury swimming pool. After a few measurements, our experts can make a variety of different recommendations that will fit your budget. With our easy and affordable pool heating systems, we are able to save you money and relieve you of stress so you can enjoy your Greater Danbury summer fun in the sun. Choose the perfect temperature for your pool without breaking the bank. Contact us and talk to our experienced Greater Danbury pool technicians and learn about our different energy-efficient pool heating systems for your swimming pool.

Heating equipment is just one of our many specialties, so you know you will get the best parts installed by our certified and licensed technicians in order to complete your dream pool for the hot summer months.

Pool Heater Maintenance

You might think that maintaining your pool is costly, but that is not the case. We make sure that we get you the best prices for your budget. Regular, scheduled maintenance is essential for making sure your Greater Danbury pool will satisfy you and last throughout the summer months. Our experienced professionals check heat exchangers, inspect gas, electric, and water connections for signs of winter weather damages.

If your pool is not heating up to the desired temperature, is taking too long to reach the temperature, or if you notice leaks, then it is time to schedule a repair visit. If you think you might have a faulty heater, then we can fix it immediately. Our technicians will come right away to repair your heater, so you can spend the summer swimming in your luxurious pool. Our professional technicians arrive to your Greater Danbury home with all potential factory certified parts that will be needed to repair your heater, so we can get things up and running immediately. We not only repair your heaters, but if you have an old, faulty heater that needs replacement, we can walk you through the different upgrades we offer at affordable prices with our energy-efficient heaters.

Pool Repair in Greater Danbury

Greater Danbury’s experts at Aquatic Technologies specialize in pool repairs for inground swimming pools. If you need work done to your pool or you are in need of an upgrade, you can trust us to get the job done. We carefully work and resolve your issue so you can be worry-free, and enjoy your pool in the warm months.

Repairs We Do in Greater Danbury:

  • Vinyl liner replacements
  • Equipment & plumbing upgrades
  • Filtration systems
  • Surface Re-plastering & Finishing
  • Waterfalls & water features
  • Decking & coping addons

Keeping your Greater Danbury pool in tip top shape is important to us. We ensure that we will fix repairs so we can save you money and time. Your pool is just as important to us as it is to you, so leave it to our trusted experts to do the repairs, so you can sit back and enjoy!

How to Avoid Pool Repair in Greater Danbury

Having a swimming pool in Greater Danbury can be an awesome deal during the hot, summer months. If you want to avoid having to get your pool repaired at all costs, then it is important to keep in mind that owning a swimming pool comes with maintenance and attention to detail. Pool maintenance is an important part of owning a pool. If you are not maintaining your pool, it could be dirty and harmful to those swimming in it. These are just a few key tips in making sure you pool is the cleanest and safest it can be:

  • Test your water once a month to maintain proper water balance
  • Before adding chemicals to your pool, make sure your pump is running (proper dosage is very important)
  • Always check your sanitizer level, your chlorinator, and your brominator
  • Add the necessary chemicals weekly depending on your pool type
  • Use filter cleaner at least once a season to prevent problems in your pool
  • Make sure you clean your pool weekly

These simple tasks will help your pool last longer with little repair in turn saving you time, and money that you can use for something else. Follow these helpful tips in order to maintain your Greater Danbury pool to the best of its ability.