In-Ground Pool Repair or Replacements Greater Danbury, CT

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When you are experiencing issues with your in-ground pool, you can trust Aquatic Technologies, Inc. for an honest inspection. We’ll help you determine the cause of the issues, and determine if you need repairs or replacements. Every pool requires routine maintenance, but sometimes there can be problems that require more attention, and that’s where our pool specialists come into play. You can be assured that our team will get the job done on-time and on-budget.

Types of Pool Repairs & Replacements We Can Help With:
  • Vinyl Liner / Fiberglass Liner Repairs
  • Repairs for Cracks in Concrete or Gunite
  • Repairs for Leaks in Pool Plumbing
  • Pool Equipment Replacements
  • Pool Equipment Replacements
  • Indoor Pool Repair

In-Ground Pool Repair & Replacements in Greater Danbury

Vinyl Liner Repair

Vinyl liners are a great option for in-ground pools since they are affordable, nonporous and smooth to the touch, although problems can arise with these liners over time such as; tears, a popped bead, or aging from the sun. Here at Aquatic Technologies, Inc. our pool specialists can assess what the root of the problem is with your vinyl liner and provide you a quote for the repairs.

Fiberglass Liner Repair

Alternative to a vinyl liner, fiberglass liners do not encourage mold growth and tend to be more sturdy over time. When you experience cracks or damage to your fiberglass liner that need to be addressed, you may need your entire liner to be resurfaced. If you notice any cracks, bulging walls, fading colors or plumbing leaks in your fiberglass liner our professionals at Aquatic Technologies can help.

Cracks in the Concrete or Gunite

Gunite or concrete pools are the most common form of in-ground pools. Repairs for these types of in-ground pools are usually related to cracks or hollow spots.


Repairs due to cracks usually involves draining the pool and resurfacing. But, if the crack reaches deep into the concrete or gunite it may require widening and caulking of the crack before resurfacing.

Hollow Spots

These occur when the substrate separates from the pool. They resemble divots or bulges. This can be repaired by refilling the hollow spot and resurfacing the pool.

Leaks in the Pools Plumbing

Occasionally the repair you need is not related to the pool itself but rather the internal plumbing. In-ground pools require a main line to feed water into the pool, another to take it away, as well as a pool pump or heater. The problem may be due to any of these things. Often times if there is a leak in the plumbing it is easier to replace everything all together as it is hard to find the exact location of the leak. Our team at Aquatic Technologies can help you determine the issue with your current system and how to get the job done in the easiest, most affordable way possible.

Pool Skimmers

Skimmers are an important aspect of your in-ground pool as the remove any possible debris. They are often installed inside of the concrete which can create a possibility for issues. Problems such as clogged skimmers, leaking skimmers, or problems with the skimmer lid or weirs could require repair and occasionally replacement.

In-Ground Pool Equipment Replacements

There comes a time when your pool equipment and plumbing needs to be replaced. If you are experiencing problems with your equipment, but aren’t sure of the problem, one of our pool maintenance specialists can help you identify which piece of equipment should be repaired or replaced. Some of the equipment we can help with includes:

  • Filtration Systems
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Sweeps & Cleaners
  • Equipment Sets
  • Ozonators
  • Saltwater Systems

Why Aquatic Technologies Inc for your Pool Repairs or Replacements?

Our pool contractors and maintenance team understands how stressful replacing or repairing your pool can be and we want to ease some of that stress for you.

As certified, reliable, and experienced professionals you can trust us to repair or replace any issues you may have with your in-ground pool! We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Greater Danbury. To get started on your repair or replacement, contact us at

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