Pool Surface Replastering & Finishing In Danbury & Surrounding Areas

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Greater Danbury, CT

While you may have been persistent with the maintenance of your pool, over time, the surface may become rough, bumpy or even sharp. These signs can indicate that it may be time for a surface re-plaster as well as a new finish for your in-ground pool.

Aquatic Technologies serving Greater Danbury can offer you a free estimate for replastering and finishing your pool. We can come to your property and discuss what material, colors and timelines work best for your pool and your schedule. To get started, give us a call today at 203-770-6791.

Replastering Services in Greater Danbury

The plaster on your in-ground pool is an important component to keeping your pool filled with water. Without it, you’d have serious drainage issues. Both concrete or gunite (what most pools are made of) are porous material, meaning that they won’t hold water overtime. When you start to experience waterloss with your in-ground pool, you could have an issue with your plaster.

We’ll start the process by removing the existing plaster on your pools surface. We’ll use the most budget-friendly options we have available at Aquatic Technologies. We will also keep to your schedule, making sure that it is not interfering with your life or work.

Prepping Your Pool for Replastering

Before we perform any work on your in-ground pool, we’ll need to have the pool prepped first. This includes:

  • Turning off any pool equipment
  • Draining the pool (sometimes using a sump pump for excess water)
  • Removing loose debris
  • Removing any loose plaster
  • Sanding down sharp or rough edges
Once our team has finished prepping your pool, we’ll be able to start the plastering process.

Additional Finishing Services for Your Pool

The most common way to finish a swimming pool is with plaster. It offers extra durability and can be prone to damage or discoloration from poorly balanced water. But, there are also a number of different finishing materials you may want for your concrete or gunite pool.

Aggregate Swimming Pool Finishes

A popular choice for a swimming pool finish is aggregate. An aggregate finish often reflects pebbles, stones or glass and are combined with cement-based plaster. Most pool owners will choose this option because of its durability and visual appeal.

Tile Swimming Pool Finishes

If you’re looking for a more elegant or customized finish for your pools surface, you may be interested in a tile finish. Tiles can typically be made from porcelain, stone or glass. This type of finish is long-lasting, easy to clean, nonporous and durable.

Post Plaster Care in Greater Danbury

After you have your pool resurfaced and finished, we’ll add the needed chemicals to keep your water balanced, but you will require maintenance for the upkeep of your pool. The quality of your new plaster will be greatly enhanced if you routinely brush it, which will also help to prevent build-up of calcium or other minerals from your pool’s water. Our pool team will inform you on the best way to care for your new finish.

Turn to the Pool Professionals at Aquatic Tech

While you can replaster or finish your pool on your own, you may run into a number of different obstacles that a pool professional can handle. The replastering process needs to be done quickly and efficiently to make sure that the plaster looks and feels great.

To get an idea of our pricing and process for replastering and finishing your pool, reach out to us at 203-770-6791.