Aquatic Technologies, Inc services all of your pool and spa needs, including renovating and maintaining in-ground swimming pools, along with spas. Our team consists of certified pool operators and maintenance specialists dedicated to professionalism that lends quality work at affordable prices. Please Note: We do not service above-ground pools.

Pool Services offered in Ridgefield, CT

  • Pool Construction (Gunite and Vinyl Liner)
  • Pool Surface Re-plastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Opening and Closing Pool Services
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Emailed Pool Reports
  • Masonry Services
  • Commercial Pool Care

With over ten years of experience, Aquatic Technologies has the expertise for pool construction, renovation, and pool maintenance like no other company. A job completed by our business is done promptly with service agents treating you in a fair manner that you as the customer deserve. We are Ridgefield's number one pool contractor that residents trust. Give us a call today!

Pool Construction in Ridgefield, CT

Gunite Swimming Pools

Our Gunite swimming pool services consist of constructing custom gunite from scratch. Included in our inventory is an endless list of customizable designs, which means that we can build you the pool you have always envisioned. The gunite pool construction process begins with excavation. The unearthed area is smoothed before a mesh of steel wiring is placed along the ground surface. A concrete mix is then sprayed into the hole. Steel wiring reinforces the structure during the process, which prevents ice pressure from occurring during winter months.

The concrete layers are then sanded, smoothed and tested for durability. Tile, stone, plaster and other finishes are added to the surface of the concrete at the end of the process. The area is also waterproofed. Selecting the color of your interior finish gives your pool or spa the unique touch that makes it your own.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Our vinyl liner swimming pools are available in various shapes and sizes for your selection. There is also a large selection of finishes for your liner that includes printed title and stone. Our pool technicians help Ridgefield homeowners decide what is best based on the area of land and the type of pool. It is important to note that vinyl liners are more durable when exposed to cold weather than their gunite counterparts. The material still requires proper maintenance to ensure that it remains in the best condition to withstand the harshness of winter temperatures.

Pool Renovation in Ridgefield, CT

Pool Surface Re-plastering

Pool surface replastering involves repairing problem areas that may suffer from general deterioration such as peeling or leaking in certain spaces. Replastering is usually required every ten years, but the precise maintenance schedule depends on factors that include usage and weather conditions.

Our certified maintenance specialists pump, clean, chisel, and sand problem areas. Technicians then apply an acid spray that prepares the surface for a new molding of plaster. Time is given for the plaster to dry before a coat of paint is used to blend new work with the old frame. Your Ridgefield pool will look like a brand new installation once we are finished! The re-plastering process can also be used to correct damaged concrete patios and pool decks.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Vinyl liners typically require replacing every 15 years. Our staff can help you select and install upgraded vinyl liner for your swimming pool. There are no headaches at Aquatic Technologies. We offer a smooth transition for installation and repairing that lets you enjoy your pool sooner rather than later. We work only with the best manufacturers so that you are guaranteed the highest quality of products. Our goal is to provide you with a pool that lasts for many years, which is why we give you all of the information needed to make an informed decision concerning materials. We leave the creativity up to you, and you leave the expert installation and maintenance up to us!

Pool Masonry in Ridgefield, CT

Our professional team of masons and contractors take pride in building pool surroundings not limited to: steps, patios, fireplaces, waterfalls, and grottos. We offer various options that include concrete, stone, brick and other materials. We even specialize in customizing house installations.

Learn more about how Aquatic Technologies can turn a structure into a functional area by calling our office today at 203-770-6791.

Pool Maintenance in Ridgefield, CT

Pool Openings

We can get your pool ready for summer. Our Ridgefield technicians arrive at your home with cleaning solutions that remove debris all while testing equipment and conducting repairs that ensure smooth running. We safely remove the pool's cover so that you won't have to struggle with it. You will have a clean pool that is ready for you to jump in when we leave.

Our Pool Openings Include:

  • Winter cover removal
  • Start of circulation system
  • Heater test
  • Added Chemicals
  • Debris Cleanup

Pool Closings

Summer does not last all year, which means that you will need to close your Ridgefield pool when cold weather comes. Aquatic Technologies can safely remove all water from your pool, clean the area, and install a pool cover that preserves the space during winter months. We also clean the vicinity, which leaves the region completely protected.

Our Pool Closings Include:

  • Pumping out water of pool
  • Vacuuming of pool
  • Installing existing pool cover
  • Clean up of pool pump and filter system

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Ridgefield

Aquatic Technologies provides weekly cleaning visits and pool inspections to Ridgefield homeowners throughout summer so you can thoroughly enjoy your pool. Our support services include pool vacuuming, brushing and scrubbing the side panels, clean filters and pumps, and testing chemical levels to ensure safety.

Smart E-mails

Customers who receive regular pool maintenance also receive smart e-mails. These electronic messages provide tailor-made updates that outline the health of your pool along with other essentials about your structure. The email also includes chemical levels, service dates, and other pertinent information. Smart e-mails let you easily keep an accurate service history log.

Commercial Pool Services in Ridgefield, CT

Aquatic Technologies provides commercial pool construction, maintenance, and construction. Our certified maintenance specialists and operators have extensive knowledge in chemical compositions, pump and filter operations, and pool hydraulics. In short, we know everything that needs to go into maintaining a pool and its surrounding area.

Ridgefield, CT’s Trusted Pool and Spa Company

Aquatic Technologies is the right choice if you are looking to build and install a new pool, renovate an old one, or maintain your current one. Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to getting the job done. Call us today to learn more about our services, company, and crew!