Aquatic Technologies, Inc is who you can trust in taking care of your pool's needs. Our Pool Operators and Maintenance Specialists are certified in renovation, construction and maintenance for your spas and in-ground pools. We provide quality work so you can enjoy your pool without the hassle. We do not provide our services to above-ground pools.

Pool Services offered in Trumbull, CT

  • Pool Construction (Gunite & Vinyl Liner)
  • Pool Surface Re-plastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Opening & Closing Pool Services
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Emailed Pool Reports
  • Pool Heater Installation & Repair
  • Variable Speed Pump Installation
  • Pool Automation Systems
  • Masonry Services
  • Commercial Pool Care

Aquatic Technologies has experience in pool renovation, construction and maintenance for the last decade. You can relax knowing you’ll be treated professionally by our customer service. Our staff is punctual and dedicated to staying on schedule, they will never take advantage of your time. Call today and see why we are Trumbull’s most trusted pool contractors.

Pool Construction in Trumbull, CT

Gunite Swimming Pools

Aquatic Technologies always strives to meet your needs by constructing the paradise that you have dreamed of. We provide various types of customizable gunite swimming pool designs created from the ground up. First, we start by excavating and smoothing the area. Then, we install a mesh of steel wiring on the ground and spray a concrete mix in the gap. The steel wiring is what holds the structure together, giving your pool more stability. This process makes sure that your pool, and the swimmers enjoying it, are protected from any complications that could occur during winter.

Once this process is complete, we smooth, sand and assess the concrete layer for stability and longevity. Prior to waterproofing the sector, we will lay down layers of plaster, tile, stone and other materials. To ensure your approval, we deliver you a variety of colors to pick for the interior of your in-ground pool or spa.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

We make a wide variety of shapes and sizes available to you when selecting our vinyl liner swimming pools. In addition, we provide other finishing for liners from printed tile to stone for our clients in Trumble. Our pool technicians will aid you in the decisions that best suit you, and the surrounding environment of the pool.

Attention: Even though vinyl liners are lower risk than gunite pools in the Winter months, each one must be preserved in the proper ways to stay in peak condition. Our Specialists hold themselves to a higher standard, and take pride in the work they provide for you.

Pool Renovation in Trumbull, CT

Pool Surface Re-plastering

Peeling, leaking or other deterioration on the surface of your pool can be a sign that you need to re-plaster it. This should be done every 10 years, but could be required earlier or later depending on usage and maintenance. Aquatic Technologies Maintenance Specialists will pump, clean, chisel and sand the areas of concern. Subsequently, we apply an acid spray when concurrently preparing the surface for new plaster. The work will be hidden with a new coat of paint when the plaster is completely dry. After we service your needs, your Trumbull pool will be fresh! Aquatic Technologies may also use that approach to restore concrete patios, and pool decks.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Vinyl liners are usually replaced every 15 years. Aquatic Technologies can aid you in choosing, measuring, and installing a fresh vinyl liner for your pool. We work with the top manufacturers to guarantee you will get the best quality vinyl liners. Let us know the color scheme and design you want, and we will take care of everything else. The quicker we replace your pool liner, the quicker you can get back to cannonballing in the pool, and spending time with your family.

Pool Masonry in Trumbull, CT

Aquatic Technologies strives to ensure that we service not only your swimming pool needs, but your backyard dreams as well. We have skilled masons and contractors that can make the area surrounding your pool a paradise. From constructing steps, patios, fireplaces and many other things, we can build it all! Inform us on the materials that you want incorporated into your project and we will create an extraordinary and customized installation. For more information about how we can remodel your pool area into a functional paradise, contact us at 203-244-7357.

Pool Maintenance in Trumbull, CT

Pool Openings

As those summer rays begin to shine on your backyard, Aquatic Technologies wants to ensure that we help all of Trumbull, CT get back to cannonballing into your swimming pool. Our Trumbull team of specialists are committed to cleaning the area and dive back into what needs to be done. After our departure, your pool will be clean, open, and ready for you and your friends to dive in.

Pool Closings

When the hot summer days come to a close, this means you will have to take the proper steps to close your pool. Do not fear, we are here to help! Our team can take care of your needs by safely removing the water in your pool, cleaning when necessary and applying the cover over your pool. Subsequent to these goals being achieved, we promise to clean the surrounding area of your mini utopia in order to ensure it is protected for the fall and winter season to come.

Our Pool Closings Include:

  • Pumping out water of pool
  • Vacuuming of pool
  • Installing existing pool cover
  • Cleanup of pool pump & filter system

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Trumbull

In the summer, we want you to be enjoying your time rather than laboring over hard tasks. Because of this, we provide weekly inspections and cleanings of your pool to Trumbull homeowners throughout summer. Our maintenance services include vacuuming the pool, brushing and scrubbing the siding, cleaning out the filters and pumps, and testing chemical levels. An extremely original service that we provide in pool maintenance is our smart e-mails.

Smart E-mails

We administer top of the line customer service that is incomparable. This is because of our smart e-mails that we provide to all of our Trumbull, CT clients who use our regular maintenance services. Your chemical levels, service dates, and other details are all incorporated into the smart e-mail. This information will help us make sure your information is accurate and your pool's needs are properly addressed. This ensures that there is no hassle, and accelerates the process in a streamlined manner.

Pool Heater Maintenance & Repair

Pool Heater Installation

Installing your Trumbull pool with a heater is the perfect way to enjoy your pool no matter how much sun it gets. A heater allows your family and guests to have the best experience possible by setting the perfect temperature. With a heater installed, the water will be just right! It is as easy as setting the temperature of the pool to the temperature you see fit. Pool heating is not too expensive either. Aquatic Technologies will install your pool heater with affordability and energy efficiency high on our priority list.

Pool Heater Repair

If you are experiencing issues with your pool heater, we are here to help. Aquatic Technologies won't waste any time in the restoration of your pool heater and getting you back to enjoying your pool. Even if your heater is out of date or needs an upgrade, we can provide you with whatever you need! We will meet with you and weigh the options to see if a new heater is right for you. Aquatic Technologies takes pride in providing top of the line solutions for pool heater restorations in Trumbull, CT.

Pool Energy Efficiency Solutions in Trumbull

Concurrently with our top of the line pool installations, we offer energy efficient solutions for your Trumbull swimming pool. Aquatic Technologies holds energy conservation as a top priority because we want you to save money on your monthly energy bill while enjoying the pool of your dreams.

Automated Pool System Installation in Trumbull

Trumbull is a popular area that is demanding in system installations. The installations are very time consuming for us; however, we strive to install automated pool systems in an efficient manner. As a client of ours, you are our top priority. You can schedule all your needs from filtration cycles, heating and cleaning through our pool automation. This function can control a variety of features that pertain to the water and the lights. The best thing about it is you can even control your pool when you aren't home by using WiFi!

You can feel at ease as the automated pool system benefits you long term, saving time and money with your pool. Trumbull, you can view how great of a change this is when you compare it to previous years while paying your energy bill!

Variable Speed Pump Installation in Trumbull

Your pool pump can be the savior in energy costs. We set variable speed pumps for your pool in Trumbull. Variable speed pumps operate by permanent magnet motors that can fluctuate speed to differentiate HPs and flow rates. This can conserve energy when power is not a demand and can also provide power when necessary.

The goal of this is to minimize energy costs that can come from the preservation and maintenance of your pool. Without disrupting your enjoyment, installation of variable speed pumps can almost silence the noise of an average pump. It is a very simple change switching to a variable speed pump, call to set up your brand new variable speed pump in your Trumbull pool today.

Commercial Pool Services in Trumbull, CT

Aquatic Technologies works on commercial pool maintenance and construction as well. With all the knowledge we need to ensure that the cleanliness of your pool is at the top of its game, our maintenance specialists are certified to help. Let us apply our knowledge and experience by aiding you in all of your needs from chemical compositions to pump and filter operation and hydraulics of the pool. We ensure that we can provide you with a top of the line commercial pool that is the best in the area!

Trumbull, CT's Trusted Pool and Spa Company

Aquatic Technologies is equipped with professional and extremely knowledgeable staff members that are dedicated to aid you in your plans to install, renovate or maintain a pool. Our staff wants you to have a pool that is efficient, affordable and magnificent to enjoy throughout summer. To learn more about our company, our crew, and our services please contact us today at 203-408-0143!